As companies grow in size and scale, employees start becoming more accustomed and comfortable to existing processes, sometimes believing them to be cast in stone.

What follows next, is them going through the motions each day, leading to organizational slack and gradually mounting levels of inefficiency.

The role of IT is changing significantly – from understanding what other departments want, to predicting what business needs. And then provisioning the services needed for the profitable growth of the business.

IT is now shaping business models.

Design thinking in the Service Management space can give birth to a culture within the organization that is solutions-focused. Call us NOW to find out how you can use creative and critical thinking combined with technological expertise to bring about real change with real benefits.

Do you differentiate between a customer and an user?

Today, how you deliver a service to a customer or a user is of equal importance!

While a customer may get a higher priority in service delivery in terms of SLA parameters such as TAT, availability, cost, etc., the user within an organization is influenced by many softer aspects such as speed of internal response, process agility, inter-departmental integration, staff behavior, attitude and most importantly customer empathy. While it is value of the service for the customer; it is satisfaction of the internal user that drives organization strategy. Only an integrated end-to-end service strategy will deliver the organization’s service delivery goals.

We have helped various Business (HR, Finance & Admin) & IT teams implement, automate, and modernize service and support processes to meet new and evolving needs—at a fraction of the cost and complexity of regular/legacy tools.

Why look for Agility only in one specific area? We help bring “agility” , “speed” and “responsiveness” to your technology investments.

Our expertise lies in helping organizations achieve their service delivery goals and improve the efficiency of their back office.

With our expertise and long drawn experience, we help you

  • Identify what matters to people

  • Define and execute an integrated service delivery strategy

  • Help you find the business value of IT customer satisfaction

  • Deliver innovative new experiences to your customers.

  • Find out more about what your data is telling you !

At Softmanage, we help organizations achieve their goals through the use of cost-effective and intuitive technologies that provides Resources, Best Practices, and Solutions to transform their Service Delivery.

We bring in the tools, processes and technologies to not only Modernize and Streamline Delivery of Business Services but also optimize your IT resources through reduced costs and measurable results.

Armed with unprecedented agility we provide affordable, transparent technology solutions which provide faster time to value, greater cross-functional integration and better customer service (both internal and external).

Our services are based on leading products which provide an Integrated, Secure & Distributed Environment, whilst our Robust pre & post-sales support ensure that our customers are handheld right thru their transformation journey.

At many of our customer implementations our services  Foster collaboration between employees whilst Increasing Productivity and Enhancing Security.

Easy Installation and Integration with Other Products ensures that Training and Operational costs are reduced apart from automating various routine activities.

Our Affordable Solutions facilitates Anywhere access to corporate resources which in turn yields Higher Return of Investment (ROI) for our customers.

Simply put, if you want a partner who cares about your business choose Softmanage.

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